The current Standard for Thread Gage Calibration

IAC Geometrical Engineers manufactures a wide range of gage calibration measurement instruments. Fast, flexible and reliable measurements according to many widely used international standards, including GOST, ANSI/ASME, ISO, DIN, BS, JIS, GB, Buttress, and API makes that our calibration equipment is used worldwide throughout the quality inspection industry. gages. Our calibration equipment is world wide used throughout the quality inspection industry because of its fast and flexible versatility.

The Master Scanner is protected by its inventor Reginald Galestien against forgery by a number of international patents.

This innovative instrument is revolutionary compared to all traditional gage calibration and optical measurement methods in all principles: Flexibility, Time, Setup, Measuring, Scanning and Data interpretation. Methods that use Balls and Wires are outdated and non reliable any more.

IAC MasterScanners have the Highest Precision and with minimal human interaction to setup a measurement. This translates into very accurate and reliable results, over and over. All thread parameters in matter of minutes.

Built-in many regulations and standards, getting testing results according to those regulations and standards. One time testing can record all threads parameters at any position and show thread'€™s curve, relative data and an analysis chart including all indication errors required in the regulations.

Parameters per pitch are:

Basic major diameter, Basic Minor diameter, Simple pitch diameter, virtual diameter, flank angles, left angle, right angle, total angle, straightness deficiencies of each flank, taper, etc...

International Standards:

Compare measurements against all kinds of international standards GOST/GB/ISO/BS/ANSI/DIN/JIS/API/Butress.

ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation:

The 2D Scanning method of the IAC MasterScanner complies with ISO/IEC 17025 acceptance standard and is accredited by accreditation bodies for our customers: RVA, DKD/DAkkS, NIST, A2LA, SCES, DANAK , SWEDAC, UKAS, GOST, NABL, NATA, OAR, SIT.

High Reputation in Full Automatic Thread Calibration:

IAC has very large list of reputable Companies that use the MSXP masterscanner on daily basis: Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Avon-dynamic, Baker Gauges, BMW, Grimm, MG Marposs, Perschmann Hoffman Gruppe, Robert BOSCH, Spiralock, Trescal, Volkswagen, Wenzel WKP and many more.

Key features:

  • More than 25 years of experience in thread calibration, world wide.
  • High technological ingenuity from The Netherlands, Europe.
  • Plain plugs and rings, thread plug and thread rings, metrical, conical,npt, taper, trapzodial, sawtooth, special gauges, non standard, profile scanning, product measurements.
  • All thread parameters per pitch in matter of minutes.
  • Contact Scanning with Probe, for reliable measurements of the thread gage profile, scans the real surface of the thread, no matter its dirty or greasy .
  • High scan resolution, resulting in better accuracy. 16000 measurement points a second.
  • High accurate grating measurement system with resolution 0.01µm and repeatability 0.1µm, high accurate air floating guide system and accurate measuring force system to ensure its high measurement stability and repeatability.
  • High rigidity, non-deformed measuring rod and high rigidity, high abrasive resistance measuring probe to ensure the actual data scanning of threads.
  • Real-time Graphical interpretation during scanning
  • Quick and easy measurement setup to internal (ring) or external (plug) measurement in matter of seconds.
  • Flexible Software that interprets your measurement very easily to you and your customers.
  • Measurements are compared with a huge library of International standards
  • Easy data export into many widly used formats or custom styled Certificate Templates
  • Flexible Tolerance bandwidth selection of the flankangle for calculating the pitchdiameter.
  • Measurement data is stored in 1 XML file for Tracebility ( 1 file with all the raw measurement points, data en reference positions)
  • Export to many widly used formats WORD / EXCEL / AUTOCAD / PDF files
  • Multi language Interface (Currently: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Norwagian, Russian)
  • It is very easy to fix the gages, no need complicated adjustment. It only takes several minutes to learn how to use the testing software.
  • and many more features.

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