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New MasterScanner MSprog V3.9.2 Release
Posted by ing. Sander Galestien on 25 January 2018 12:34 PM
IAC Geometrical Engineers has released the new V3.9.2 this can be obtained in our Download/ Repository section after you LOGIN with your user credentials.
This version is compatible for the following machines:  MSXP and XPL or XPL-c version. ( ** MSXL is not supported anymore).

NOTE: MSprog release V3.9.2 is only available for the new LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM (MINT v17.3 or MINT v18.3).

Changelog MSprog & IAClib:

See the changes that are made with the new release:

End-of-Software-Maintenance Kubuntu V.8.04.2:

The last release available for Kubuntu 8.04 is MSprog v3.2.10 and it has reached the EoSM End-of-Software-Maintenance.   

MasterScanners with the old Linux Kubuntu v8.04 installed  are still able to upgrade to the new Linux Mint OS and benefit from new improved functionality or the future JAVA version, depending the used computer hardware.
Computers with INTEL DUAL or QUAD Cores are NOT supported anymore and need to upgrade to a newer generation i5 CPU core and hardware. 
To determine what hardware is used, you can find view this under ¨Maintenance menu¨ --> ¨Hardware button¨  in the MSprog Software. 

 Computer Specs  DOS  Kubuntu 8.04  MINT 17.3  MINT 18.3  Future Release
Intel® Core™ i7 + 8Gb memory X Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible
Intel® Core™ i5 +  4Gb / 8Gb memory X Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible
Intel® QUAD Core™ + 2Gb /4Gb memory X Compatible X  X  X
 Intel® DUAL Core™ + 2Gb memory X Compatible X  X  X

Contact IAC Geometrical Engineers or our Authorised Masterscanner Distributor for an Computer  upgrade Quotation.

WHICH LINUX SYSTEM: (Kubuntu 8.04 or Linux Mint 17.3 / v18.3 ) 

IAC is deploying the latest MasterScanner models with the latest LINUX OS system.
Older System delivered before AUG 2016 are running Kubuntu 8.04 everything after this is running Linux Mint 17.3 - 64bits or currently now with the Linux mint v18.3

To determine which Software Update you will need to download, we have created a video, that explains where to find  which OS system MSprog is running on.



From Msprog v3.1.3  IAC provides an easy way to backup your files, these settings are unique to your machine and accuracy. 
Follow the link provided underneath to view the Instruction Video for your Linux System.


To make your update process more smoothly we have added different Videos to guide you through the update process.
These are located in the Download/Repository  section and underneath the page as attachments where you download the latest software release. 

** NOTICE: After upgrading you cannot downgrade to an earlier version !! **

Happy updating and many thread gage calibrations !

IAC Geometrical Engineers.