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Request Activation Key Form
Posted by ing. Sander Galestien on 25 June 2009 01:09 AM

We constantly trying to improve our service and we have build a "Request Activation Key" form.
After login into the Support center you can request a new key by going to the "Submit Ticket".

You wil see the option "Request Activation Key" select this option and press the button "Next".
Enter the Project ID and  Activation ID and select the Additional Options you have purchased with this machine.

We will sent you as soon as possible a new activation key which can be viewed from the support center or is sent by email.

Howto request a activation Key:
**Note: You will need to login our supportcenter to request a new license key.

Re-activate new license:

Step 1: A new update of the MasterScanner program requires a new license activation, please send us your "Project nr." and "Activation ID" and your "Additional Purchased Options" by our "Request Activation Key form" The Activation Form can be accessed by submitting a ticket in our support center.

Step 2: We will generate a new key, which can be viewed under your "View Ticket" and is also sent to your email which is used to login the support center.

Step 3: After you have recieved our Activation key please fill this code in over the last the activation key

Step 3:
You should now have performed a successful update with the new version noted rightdown in the main masterscanner screen.