Standard Probe 6.0


Standard probe 6.0 used to calibrate rings where 7.0 mm probe is to large for a certain diameter & 5.0 mm probe to small to reach the bottom of the thread gage.

Additional information

Probe Length:

6.0 mm

Probe Shaft Diameter:

Ø 1.5 mm

Effective working depth:

2.5 mm

Min. Internal Diameter:

Ø6.3 mm

Max. Thread Angle:


Type Measurement:

Metrical, Conical

Probe Tip Angle:


Supported MasterScanner Models:

All MSXP models, All XPL-C models, All XPL models

Supported Clickons:

All Clickons that support the diameter range of the Probe

Probe material

Tungsten carbide styli (HM)


13 gram