Standard Probe 5.0


Standard probe 5.0 one of the smallest probes in our selection, used for small ring calibration.

Additional information

Probe Length

5.0 mm

Probe Shaft Diameter

Ø 0.8 mm

Effective working depth

0.6 mm

Min. Internal Diameter Ø

Ø 2.5 mm Plain Ring, Ø 3.0 Threaded Ring

Max. Thread Angle

12°, 20°, 30°

Type Measurement

Metrical, Conical, Trapezoidal, API, Buttress, Negative-flanks, All types of Threads

Probe Tip Angle


Supported MasterScanner Models

MSXP, Only MSXP 16060 model, XPL-C, XPL, XPL & XPL-C only

Supported Clickons

All Clickons are supported, Clickons that support the diameter range of the Probe

Probe material

Tungsten carbide styli (HM), Steel styli (HSS), Ceramic styli (Cer)


13 gram, 15 gram, 27 gram