COSIMEX Support (Plugs and Rings)

The Click-on support adapter, an time-saving, easy,fast and reliable fixture, for all your thread gages.

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The COSIMEX support plugs and rings clickon is designed to support  a mid-size range to large gages, and support internal and external measurements (Plugs & Rings).  With precision polished backplate assures that the ring/plugs lays flat against the backplate.
The Cosimex comes with a variety of adapters for Cylindrical and Conical/ Taper gauges which are used to center and align the thread gauges over the length of the gage, thus improving stability without tilting, during calibration and avoiding that the product lays oblique by human-error.

Product accurate placement is consistent which especially for Taper rings or plug benefits enormously by these conical shaped adapters



Additional information

Diameter Range:

⌀100 mm – ⌀160 mm (Ring gages), ⌀95mm – ⌀150 mm (Plug gauges)

Type of Measurement:

Internal (Ring gages) and External (Plug gauges)

Type of Thread:

Conical, Taper, Metrical, Trapezodial, Sawtooth, Edison, Plain

Type of Product Centering:

Product aligning by Cylindrical or several Conical adapters

Accessoires: (pair of)

Cylindrical adapters
Conical 1:4 mm/mm – 3 in/ft
Conical 1:6 mm/mm – 2 in/ft
Conical 1:8 mm/mm – 1.5 in/ft
Conical 1:16 mm/mm – 0.75 in/ft
Conical 5:48 mm/mm – 1.25 in/ft

Probes Sizes:

All Probes.

Reference Plain Gauge:

Is compatible on this Clickon Support

Interchangeable with:

MSXP16060 only model, All XPL-C models, All XPL models

Calibration Certificate:

not available.

Extra Software Module:

Included in the Standard Software Package that comes with the MasterScanner




700 grams (g)


Conical Adapter sets can be purchased separately ( a set is 2 barrels of a certain size)