COSEM 3-8 Support

The Click-on support adapter, an time-saving, easy,fast and reliable fixture, for all your thread gages.

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COSEM 3-8 Support this click-on support holder for small to mid size plug gauges with tiny v-centering aid. The clickon is designed that by minimal human interaction you place the Gage with ease and accuracy on the machine.
The V-Block positioning system moves the plug in-place and automatically aligns the measured product over the largest diameter position in center-line of the probe.

Additional information

Diameter Range:

⌀3mm – ⌀8mm

Type of Measurement:

External (Plug Gages)

Type of Thread:

Metrical, Trapezodial, Sawtooth, Edison, Plain

Type of Product Centering:

By use of V-Block product holder


Step Plate


Standard Probe 7.0mm only, 6.0mm/22° Trapezodial Probe, Sawtooth 6 .0mm

Reference Plain Gauge:

Is compatible with this Support

Interchangeable with:

all MSXP models, XPL-C, XPL

Calibration Certificate:

Not available for this Click-on Support

Extra Software Module:

Included in the Standard Software Package that comes with the MasterScanner




700 grams (g)