COSEM 1-3 Support

The Click-on support adapter, an time-saving, easy,fast and reliable fixture, for all your thread gages.

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COSEM 1-3 Support click-on support holder for small plug gauges with centering aid. Using the micrometer table, will help you centering the probe, on the the largest diameter of the plug gauge, with ease and accuracy. The V-Block clamping system hold the plug inplace with minimal force.

** Conical measurements cannot be done with this clickon system, cause the reference gauge cannot be placed on this clickon.

Additional information

Diameter Range:

⌀1mm – ⌀3mm

Type of Measurement:

External (Plug Gages)

Type of Thread:

Metrical, Trapezodial, Sawtooth, Edison, Plain

Type of Product Centering:

By adjusting the Micrometer Table and V-Block product holder


Not available


Standard Probe 7.0mm only, 6.0mm/22° Trapezodial Probe, Sawtooth 6 .0mm

Reference Plain Gauge:

Is not compatible on this Clickon Support

Interchangeable with:

all MSXP models, XPL-C, XPL

Calibration Certificate:

Not available for this Click-on Support

Extra Software Module:

Included in the Standard Software Package that comes with the MasterScanner




800 grams (g)