Plugs offer a range of reversible gages, taperlock gages, trilock gages, as well as progressive plug gauges and extra length plug gages which can be made from: steel, chrome, carbide, and ceramic materials. Cylindrical plain plugs gages are manufactured from various materials including tool steel, chrome steel, carbide, and ceramic.

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Helix Angle Standard

The Click-on support adapter, an time-saving, easy,fast and reliable fixture, for all your thread gages.

MSXP Series

Series XP from thread sizes for Watchmakers until mid size diameters 60, 100 or 160 mm

XPL Series

Series XPL from thread sizes for Watchmakers until large size diameters 400, 500 or 600 mm

XPL-C Series

Series XPL-C for thread sizes 1.0 mm to  large size diameters 200 or 300 mm.