About IAC Geometrical Engineers

History of IAC Geometrical Engineers

The company originates from the IAC Foundation, which was established in 1984 under the auspices of the business community and with  the Hogeschool Drenthe (Polytechnic) in Emmen.

The target of the IAC organization was focused on a consolidation of the measuring technical infrastructure in the northern part of the Netherlands by carrying out the NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025-certified calibrations for the industry.

A Highly advanced metrological laboratory was constructed with, airco, the inventory of instruments and RVA accredited facilities are concerned.

The management of IAC has been in control of Ir. Reginald Galestien from the start in 1984.

Besides the successful realisation of the first objective, a new activity was initiated by the management soon after the start of the company:

The development and the manufacturing of special measuring instruments and measuring machines.

In order to solve their measuring problems hundreds of companies and government institutions from all over the world have successfully called upon the engineering company of IAC.


IAC Geometrical Engineers B.V. is part of Verne Holding B.V. to the same holding also belongs IAC B.V. Metrological Services.

In 1989 the measuring and calibration company was taken over by the management and two participating companies. As from January 1, 1999 the enterprise structure has been arranged according to this scheme.

By the holding company of Reginald Galestien, the management is executed through Verne Holding B.V.. over the subsidiary companies:

  • IAC Geometrical Engineers B.V.
  • IAC B.V. Metrological Service

For a better control and stimulation of the development of the engineering activities and the metrological service, both were split up and classified resp. under

  • IAC Geometrical Engineers BV.
  • IAC BV Metrological Service.

Main Activity

The main activity of IAC Geometrical Engineering is developing advanced measuring instruments. By interrelating the various disciplines like, electronics,software, science and precision and  geometrical measurement techniques.

IAC builds unique measuring instruments on the basis of customer’s specification. Hundreds of measuring technical projects have been delivered to the customers with full satisfaction.

Next to custom solutions we have been developing our own measuring solutions, which has beens introduced to the market under its own brand the MasterScanner.

Overview of Masterscanner Thread Measuring Products:

  • MSXP models for small to mid-size gauges
  • XPL-C models for small to large size thread gagues
  • XPL models for large thread gauges, mainly used in Oil Industry

Every single one of the employees is a specialist in the field of:

  • Geometrical Metrology
  • Micro-electronics
  • Technical Information technology
  • Precision engineering

Custom Tailor-made Solution:

  • 3D measuring microscope for the development of ink jet print technology, Stork Excel Boxmeer NL.
  • Special laser combined autocollimator/alignment telescope for the alignment of gasturbines and diesels of M Frigates: Royal Navy Schelde Vlissingen NL.
  • Automatic vision straightness measurement and sorter machine for casting tools for the production of X-ray collimators: Europe Nuclear Fields International BV
  • HP 5529 A Drivers for HP Virtual Engineering Environment, Keysight, Santa Clara USA.
  • Laserscan 35 mm film width gauge for Fuji.
  • Multi point gauge with SPC for the production control of automotive sunroofs, Wientjes Emmen NL.
  • Semi automatic laserscan TIR gauge for the inspection of diamond turned drums for copiers and laserprinters, Xerox Venray NL.
  • Automatic Post Process measuring machines of Airbag-Gas Generators.
  • Special HP laser calibration hardware and software for Saudi Air Defense Forces Yeddah Saudi Arabia.
  • The engineering of the laser position measuring systems and servo control Delay Line for the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Paranal, Chili, ordered by Fokker Space.