Thread calibration instruments

Thread calibration instruments and measurement of thread gauges and calibrations with automated equipment, are used in today’s measuring calibration labs. Special manufactured to supply: Gage manufacturers, Oil-, Gas-, Military- and or Aerospace -Industry. From small to large thread gauges everything is possible with IAC Instruments measurement equipment from the best geometrical engineers.

The best thread calibration instruments

Thread calibration instruments and measuring all thread parameters in a few minutes when using a IAC Masterscanner this instrument, with optimized software to automate the process of thread calibration. IAC Instruments is the leading company a standard for automated thread gage calibration equipment. Gage calibration equipment is the most widely used and recognized in Metrology Laboratories and Quality Control Departments world wide. These length measuring devices measure gauge blocks, ring gages, thread gages, cylindrical rings, plug gages, tapered gages (API) and just about any precision part with sub-micron accuracy. IAC Instruments gauge calibration equipment meets the requirements of the international standard ISO / IEC 17025:2005 and others.

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MSXP Series

Series XP from thread sizes for Watchmakers until mid size diameters 60, 100 or 160 mm

XPL Series

Series XPL from thread sizes for Watchmakers until large size diameters 400, 500 or 600 mm

XPL-C Series

Series XPL-C for thread sizes 1.0 mm to  large size diameters 200 or 300 mm.