Calibration equipment

Calibration equipment for thread gages from IAC Instruments the most precise Geo Metrical Engineers world wide. Thread gage calibration equipment is the most widely used and recognized in Metrology Laboratories and Quality Control Departments. The length measuring devices measure gauge blocks, ring gages, thread gages, cylindrical rings, plug gages, tapered gages (API) with any precision part with sub-micron accuracy. Meet the best in thread gage calibration machines from IAC Instruments in The Netherlands.

The best calibration equipment

As metrology laboratory or quality control department you want to work with the most precise measurement equipment. The MasterScanner from IAC Instruments is such a machine that makes your work easy. The full automated calibration instrument does it for you. High precision calibration services can be expected from the MasterScanner and click-on support equipment. A calibrator is an precision piece of equipment used to adjust an instrument accuracy, often associated with a specific application. The most sophisticated industrial equipment will not be useful unless it is calibrated. Through calibration, adjustments made to a piece of equipment ensure that it performs as expected that it can be relied on to deliver predictable, accurate results that meet world wide quality standards.

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